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Monster Slayer launches on soft-boot on Android - Nert 4. Life

Monster Slayer launches on soft-boot on Android – Nert 4. Life

The Witcher: Monster Slayer More is coming Android, This time it’s one Smooth output Defined New Zealand, Which often happens with early releases of mobile titles and as has happened in recent months for the iOS version.

The game in question is the cycle of the popular RPG series CD program RED, Uses technology in Developed truth Earth location to find (real) monsters around the world, thus allowing them to become high-level witches by hunting them down through a combat system.

Witcher: Monster Slayer is already being tested on iOS, starting in New Zealand last September and is also available here in soft release, so now on Android Progressive expansion The general public Test But has not yet been announced with a plan.

Also, because it is a focused topic Geolocation Using real maps, it is clearly impossible to use it outside of the predicted geographical areas, so CD. You can only wait until Project Red, you can try this in other countries to expand the test on Android. .

Witcher: Monster Slayer belongs to the line of mobile games that follow the initial concept of Pokemon GO, which categorizes it in different ways: in this case it is a question of going around the world in search of the monsters that appear. Map, Based on real geographical data, they appear on the screen through the developed reality and fight them using various objects and weapons. To learn more, we refer you to our preview of The Witcher: Monster Slayer.