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Thanks to Azure Xbox Series X / S there is no compromise

Thanks to Azure Xbox Series X / S there is no compromise

Azure’s versatile Microsoft Air Simulator allows you to run the Xbox Series X / S without compromise.

According to the Microsoft GameStack team, this should not be a problem. That Microsoft Flight Simulator Thanks to the Azure Cloud architecture, the consoles’ vulnerable hardware – and mobile devices, the game will certainly run via Xbox Cloud Gaming – will run almost without compromise.

“With the Microsoft Flight Simulator architecture, the future is fast approaching in the form of continuous improvements to the product and the platform. Above all, it involves access to a wide range of devices, ”the article states. “Although the initial version of the product required powerful PCs, the Azure configuration enabled the Microsoft Air Simulator experience on other devices – especially Xbox consoles and ultimately mobile devices. This device democratization means that the product does not require much power on the device, streaming the bandwidth. “

Jork Newman, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, added that the Azure “allows any device to increase its weight.” He adds, “Guess what you see now, what attracts people to the $ 3,000 system, and when? It comes out unchanged on the $ 500 console, and we work to bring it to less specific devices like phones. “

Microsoft Flight Simulator The Xbox Series for X / S will be released on July 27, 2021, and it will be available at 30 fps. From day one, the game will be included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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