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Why NASA predicts a "catastrophic flood" in 2030

Why NASA predicts a “catastrophic flood” in 2030

The NASA, In collaboration with the University of Hawaii, published a study – which was later published in the journal Natural climate change – Regarding the possible future Disaster It will take place in 2030, which will affect not only the Earth, but also the Moon.

In particular, the study talks about flooding; But let’s take a closer look at what the study did and why NASA predicts some Disaster floods in 2030.

Nava Research in collaboration with the University of Hawaii

Study published in the journal Natural climate change Expect the next one The oscillation of the moon Its orbit could be catastrophically flooded, and it is difficult to predict – to date – that it will hit Earth.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Known by the acronym NOAA – 600 floods were already reported in 2019 due to similar events. This time, however, the situation seems to be more serious than in the past.

In fact, it is a coincidence that the castle will be in 2030 Sea level rise And a certain lunar cycle, some known coastal cities may begin a long period of dramatic events lasting up to 10 years.

Risks of lunar oscillations

The so-called phenomenon Lunar oscillation This is the natural rotation of the moon, during which the waves can be affected by high or low intensity.

ConsequencesThe gravitational pull of the moon On Earth they are currently highly underestimated, but can have serious consequences in many parts of the world when sea levels are high, especially during periods when the Moon and Earth are aligned with the Sun.

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When Sea level conversion team NASA begins to provide basic information to prevent and protect both the environment and coastal cities, and this phenomenon is being explored to fully understand its dynamics.

What NASA says about the “catastrophic flood” of 2030

Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator and Spokesman for the News, announced that the most dangerous areas are the lowest and closest to sea level, which are already, increasingly, flood prone areas.

Sea level rise, lunar gravity and climate change will inevitably lead to – according to predictions made by a published study Natural climate change – For a series of catastrophic events.

It is important to emphasize that we are talking about not just one, but one Series of events It lasts for many years and is thus considered almost a stage in the history of the earth.

How many times will the flood come

Research Assistant and Principal Professor of Research at the University of Hawaii Bill Thompson, He warned not to take this discovery under his breath. Sometimes, in fact, with less concern that flooding is currently occurring compared to other climatic events such as hurricanes, There is a risk of underestimating the situation.

In fact, as Bill Thompson points out, if the flood starts to show a frequency 10 to 15 times a month, The problem becomes harder to solve. An issue today does not seem to be of much concern and it is not certain that it will be harmful in the future, this is the study Natural climate Related change “Disaster Flood” In 2030.

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L ‘WarningLaunched, however: now scholars’ future inquiries to understand its implications and above all – Governments Evaluating target activities on prevention and climate change, high heat Environment, In order to avoid disasters greater than man.