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Text in New Super Green Pass Govt Order, Pdf

Text in New Super Green Pass Govt Order, Pdf

Key features of the new order

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Govt, From Super Green Pass to Mandatory Vaccination: New Measures

Concerts, sporting events and arenas, indoor bars and restaurants, parties and discos, public events are only allowed for Super Green Pass holders in the white and yellow area. Even in the Orange Zone, additional restrictions apply only to those who have not been vaccinated. The rules in the red zone will not change, so travel restrictions and closures will be triggered for everyone even if they are vaccinated. The validity period of the green pass will be reduced from 12 months to 9 months. In addition, the “basic” green pass will be mandatory from December 6 for hotels, changing rooms for sports activities, regional rail transport and local public transport. Restrictions on green licenses will be intensified, and it is the responsibility of provincial committees and provincial committees for public order and security to define plans to strengthen the regulatory system within five days of the Law Commission taking effect. It will also start on December 15 for administrative staff, teachers and school staff, as well as the military, police forces and general assistance, in case of need for the vaccine. Confirmed for all health workers, for which the third dose duty will be extended.

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