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Rings coming to Earth soon!

Rings coming to Earth soon!

A few days ago, remember, the International Space Station (ISS) had a passing Cloud Debris formed by the explosion of the Russian satellite. Even with the proliferation of agencies and private companies Rockets, Satellites, blocks or probes, problem Waste Location does not work. Because even though some of the abandoned items are consumed by us Atmosphere, There is another area Around the circular path.

Jack Abbott, a professor at the University of Utah (USA), believes that our planet will begin to look like this. Saturn. By decorating itself with a system of rings. However, rings that are naturally nothing. Rings are formed Space debris. According to the European Space Agency (This), They are actually 170 million more than a millimeter and 670,000 more than a centimeter.

The researcher’s intention to recover from it – he created it Study Recently Released: Use Magnets That he would return at the end of a hand Robotic. It is enough to control and slow down some of these Unnecessary space wastage.

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