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Test Zoo Dungeon Defenders: Awake - Nintendo Switch - Endeavor

Test Zoo Dungeon Defenders: Awake – Nintendo Switch – Endeavor

The tower defense of Tower Defenders was first released to PC almost ten years ago. The genre that developed at the time combined the strategy with the functionality of a hawk & slay roll-flaming game, which thus blossomed into a small box office success, constantly expanding in the form of writing classes with new subjects and cards. Cooperative multiplayer mode also contributed to that success. Dungeon Defenders II, a series of free games launched in June 2017, has been diligently supported by developers to this day with new content and gambled by players. Recently released Dungeon Defenders: Awake you want to go back to the roots of the series and dare to reintroduce the intro. In the following lines we will tell you whether the new cell therapy was successful.

There is not a single point that you cannot reach.

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Experienced players will initially feel at home. Dungeon Guardians: Begin to wake up by selecting your hero. There are currently five different classes, including four primary classes, Skyr, Monk, Hunter and Wizard. These are connected by a cyborg to a somewhat flat name series EV-A. Once you make your choice, the first fight will begin.

This will introduce you to the basics of the game. So you learn how to place defensive weapons directly – along with your direct combat deployment – to prevent waves of enemies from reaching and attacking the crystal, which is often placed in the center. If the enemies can destroy the floating cloud, the meeting is over, you are lost.

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Initially it was noticeable that the game was actually at home on the computer. The controller’s controls are often slightly stuttering and fluffy, especially when it comes to the precise location of your buildings. Many figures that scatter the screen at irregular intervals will push new ones as well.

The cost of the gems you will receive from the fallen enemies for each construction is such that initially everything is not coated with blocks and traps. There is also a construction limit, which is primarily a barrier to cooperative multiplayer battles. Aside from gems only available for the duration of the current game, opponents also drop equipment that can be equipped immediately at the push of a button on your inventory. Dungeon Defenders: Awake not only falls under the tower defense category for a long time, but also offers features that make small characters.

Personal boss fights get started wonderfully.

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Your hero will reach the level and be equipped with various armor and weapons, of which often only the weapons affect your appearance. In addition, each character class comes with two own abilities that you can retreat during conflicts. At each level you will get attribute points that you can roughly invest in the properties of your properties or the values ​​of your buildings.

Excess items can be sold at the bar between personal fights. Pub acts as the hub and lobby of multiplayer mode. However, apart from the landowner and the black, it still seems orphaned. There is not a single store in the game where you can spend your hard earned gold – according to the developers, it should be delivered at an unspecified time in the future. At this time, you can only increase the values ​​of your devices from the tailors.

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You can plan your next activity in a large crystal in the center of the restaurant. You can currently play twelve campaign missions, each with an extra card in different difficulty levels or switching to other modes, including the forced survival mode. Inactive wars, i.e. with the sole use of constructions, the opposite of this is even possible. The main tasks are connected by a thin story and shine with the boss fights that start in detail at the end of each chapter.

Campaign orders are held together by a thin story told in personal films.

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Thanks to the new technological framework, Dungeon Defenders: Awakening now looks like a four-year-old sequel. The beautiful look with the rough shades leads to a soft, cartoon-like paint that is definitely pleasing to the eye and very gentle. The levels are all lovingly designed and shine with a high degree of freedom. You can reach almost every point and you can use it strategically. The only downside is that Nintendo Switch’s portable mode is blurry and facilitates animations of distant enemies.

Unfortunately, the serious problems with the current version are not only the absence of a dealer and the poor adaptation of the controls to the controller. At particularly high levels of difficulty, the focus on the co-op game is clear, but there are currently no other players on the internet and local teamwork is currently not possible.

With the high number of resistors and the frame rate on the Nintendo Switch for a long time the frame rate drops drastically. Owners of the Nintendo Switch Lite should avoid buying it initially. On the other hand, the game often runs smoothly in TV mode, but occasionally crashes.

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