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The Garden Path

Create Your Own Garden On Garden Path – Endeavor

After a successful Kickstarter campaignWhere is the developer
செம்மங்கி இனியப்பம் The estimated 23,000 has been taken under € 35,000 instead of simulation Garden path fully Nintendo Switch And appear for PC via Steam. The exact release date is not yet known. Far from your old life, you will be in a new desert – a life that lived in this dense forest waiting to be rediscovered.

The garden path explores the quiet moments of a well-lived life where your garden grows and reflects the passage of time and your own design. Time runs here in harmony with the real world, and the passing of the seasons tells new encounters and new story.

A life simulation celebrating peace and reflection is waiting for you. Design your garden according to your own preferences and interact with other residents who come and go. With its unique hand-painted aesthetic, The Garden Bath’s stunning visual design embraces you from the start and invites you to delay. Combined with unique soundtracks day and night, you won’t have long to lose yourself among the flowers and trees.

Will you give the game a chance?

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