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Test Zoo Big Rumble Boxing: Crete Champions - Nintendo Switch - Endeavor

Test Zoo Big Rumble Boxing: Crete Champions – Nintendo Switch – Endeavor

It has been quiet for a long time, but since the beginning of the month it has been called “Ring Free” again because none other than the boxing legends Rocky Balboa and Adonis Johnson Creed and many other fighters pay homage to the Big Rumble again: Boxing Champions. The title of Servios and Koch Media focuses more on a sophisticated, realistic simulation and more focus on fun arcade activities with special hits and where boxing friends can play after familiar faces. In our test you can find out if the title in this video game implementation really holds the KO criteria or even the “Italian stallion” is firmly in the ring.

Matches between big screen boxing legends

Communication through punches: In arcade mode, fighters solve their problems with their fists in short stories.


As mentioned at the beginning, when approaching the Big Rumble boxing: it should be noted that Crete is not related to the Champions game.

Focused on realism, but focused on the arcade game, so increased slightly. Strikes have amazing lighting effects, each character has a special attack and the game focuses especially on speed. Admission options should not be underestimated, because although the controls have fast and difficult success and avoidance maneuvers, these actions are divided into different attacks depending on the directional input of the left stick.

At the same time, different enemies require different tactics, of course individual characters sometimes play fast, sometimes very strained. Overall, the Big Rumble boxing game: Crete Champions was pleasantly surprised, solid, and fun. Feels right when playing “Wait” of hits and even special hits are impressive without fire effects or the like. However, boxing is not fun for the underprivileged, but it does not boast of a world-famous Rocky or Creed brand, which means there are well-known faces from the movie universe on this list, of course including Balboa and Creed. In arcade mode with one of three selected modes, you will experience short stories about every 20 characters, consisting of a few contests linked to text box dialogs. Each time there are short training sessions between episodes, in which you need to master quick time events on a sandbag or treadmill.

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Adding a unique story to each character is commendable, but not convincing on stage and only a good companion between rounds. At least in German language settings, the dialogues also seem very concise. A well-known brand like Rocky Movies may have offered more here. At the end of each story, rewards await in the form of new characters or costumes. Of the 20 characters mentioned, only 10 are initially available. Other world-class boxers must first open in Arcade or Versus mode.

Local boxing fun for two is part of the set with Versus mode.


The latter is a classic in local multiplayer mode against CPU opponents or against friends. The third method is a simple exercise in which you can train your combo attacks on invincible enemies. Your entries will be displayed in the lower half of the screen. In addition to the well-known characters, there are other delicious dishes to find for Rocky fans, as the arenas are based on movie templates locations and, finally, the familiar sounds of music. It’s so interesting when you hear the main theme of “We’re going to fly now” in the last match of a story mode, which almost gives you a cinematic feel.

Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions boxing offers a lot to arcade and rock fans, but a well-established ability can not be fully utilized, which is really embarrassing because the title can definitely convince specified points. If you have a great story stage and one or two special modes, you can get a lot out of it. You may have built more open ones in the form of extra costumes or music options. On the technical side, the game does everything right. Performance issues were not noticed once during the test, not on the handset or in TV mode. Regular compromises based on the graphics that often occur in the Nintendo Switch version must be accepted in this game as well.

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