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Vorschau zu Blue Reflection: Second Light - Nintendo Switch - ntower

Vorschau zu Blue Reflection: Second Light – Nintendo Switch – ntower

2021 is a good year for fans of Japanese sports company Koi Techmo. Every few months the Union of Talented Developer Teams prepares us a new topic, thus serving a wide variety of brands and brands. Think of a few atelier branches that go into the Nintendo Switch; Various Action Warriors games; Return to classics like Ninja Cayton. Although we are starting the final pace of this year, the publisher is still not breathing. Just in time for Halloween, the re-release of the last Project Zero awaits us, while November Studio features a new adventure with Blue Reflection: Second Light from the makers.

Like a dream

The latter title is about this preview. Koi Tekmo Europe allowed us to play in the first few hours of the blue reflection: the second light. The PC version was provided to us for preview purposes only so as not to make any statement about the technical or optical features of the Nintendo Switch version. At the very least we want to give you an overview of the game and the game so you know what you are dealing with. After all, very few of you have heard of the yet-to-be-young blue reflection brand that was only launched in 2017.

You can expect many cut scenes where the characters pour hearts into each other.

E Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.

The story begins with Ao Hoshizaki, a Japanese high school student. Our heroine has successfully completed her final exams and wants to spend the summer with the buffalo. However, on the way to training, something strange happens and Ao finds himself taking himself to another world. It has nothing but an abandoned school in the middle of the sea. Blue as far as the eye can see. However, this mysterious island is completely uninhabited. Ao meets three other women here who are ready to help Ao find a way home, even if they can’t remember their past. Little by little they realized that they did not belong to this world.

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Blue Reflection: Second Light is an adventure game with participatory elements. The focus of the game is on the interplay between characters, which can be strengthened by various communication options. It is necessary to survive and get close to the secrets of this mysterious world. The daily life of the academy offers a lot of light conversations and activities, but at the same time serves as a preparation for exploring areas in the “hardscape”. This is what the women’s gang calls the strange-looking environment that appears outside the academy.

The academy, which serves as a place of refuge and retreat, usually has beautiful summer weather, while the spaces in the landscape are inviting. Monsters roam around, do not withdraw from the fight. In the event of a confrontation, the characters use their emotions to manipulate weapons and take the form of their reflections. Magical Girls fans will feel at home here. Although you have no direct control over the characters, the battles are very powerful. The sequence and frequency of actions are determined in real time. The chain of strategically clever attacks to trigger the combo counter, thus multiplying the damage is crucial to success. As a supporter of interactive RPG combat systems, I found myself working on the blue reflection: the second light is very refreshing and invigorating.

In addition to free inspection, there are sometimes theft trips. The red area represents the field of view of the monsters.

E Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.

Diversions for Heartscape are not only necessary to advance the storyline, but also to complete the page searches. In everyday life at the academy, other women will always have tasks for Ao, which can only solve objects from the hardscape. By completing these, you will gain merit points that will be used to unlock new skills for party members. At the beginning of the game, these are limited to simple value upgrades, but will certainly provide other benefits in view of the amount recommended in the course of the game. Speaking of size: menus are worth a look. Here you will find not only many tips and tricks, but also a comprehensive database of all items, locations, characters and more. Explanations come from little girls, so there is always personal contact. Very lovable design!

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To conclude our preview, we would like to mention various things that have not been discussed so far. Although Koi Techmo has provided German texts for some of its releases, this is not the case with Blue Reflection: Second Light. Players have to do English songs and Japanese dubbing. However, this should not be an obstacle. The language provided is not in any way demanding. In addition, Mel Kishita’s character design should be mentioned, as she undoubtedly suffers from the same facial syndrome, so the characters seem very puppetry. There is nothing you can not comply with after a short time, but it is still worth noting. But in the end I saved the best: the music of the blue reflection: the second light is wonderfully beautiful even in its darkest moments. If this interests you, you can do it yourself Here To try.