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Kirby and the Forgoten Land are rated ESRB • Nintendo Connect

Kirby and the Forgoten Land are rated ESRB • Nintendo Connect

Kirby and the Forgotten Land It was surprisingly announced for the Nintendo Switch during the last major Nintendo Direct in September – however, we found out about it a day earlier due to a leak from Nintendo. This game seems to be in development for many years and has received more information Age assessment of ESRB. So the output is not far off.

ESRB was founded in 1994 and evaluates computer and console games in the United States and Canada. Like PEGI, the ESRB makes only one recommendation, and is therefore a pure self-regulatory body for the sport without any legal obligation. The rating of the games is voluntary, but is now a part of it, so all the games that appear in the US are rated accordingly. To Kirby and the Forgotten Land The Evaluation Commission issued an “E10 +” rating (for all ages 10 and over).

There is currently no official release date. Kirby’s new 3D adventure Kirby and the Forgotten Land To be released in the spring of 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. Maybe in February or March – the time for the next birthday of the hybrid console!

ESRB also gave us a vague description of the game:

It is an action-adventure game in which players help Kirby save the abducted creatures from evil forces. Using Kirby’s skills to fight with cartoon opponents (e.g. mushrooms, foxes, giant turtles), players travel on 3D platforms while collecting coins and solving puzzles. Soldiers use swords, grenades and blaster pistols to defeat enemies; Some weapons allow soldiers to use the target / reticulum for long range fire. When laser fires, explosions and projectiles fly over Kirby, the boss fights that are often so close are exciting.

What can Kirby expect in this mysterious environment full of abandoned structures from past civilization? Check out the game’s announcement trailer here again:

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The next Kirby adventure on the Nintendo Switch is coming in 3D! In this new platform, players can move freely and use the well-known special power of Kirby. This time the title character explores a mysterious world full of monuments of lost civilization. When will you find out what he will find? Kirby and the Forgotten Land Will be released for the Nintendo Switch in the spring of 2022.