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Test code: உண Feel the wonders of winterlight

Test code: உண Feel the wonders of winterlight

Let’s put it bluntly: if you don’t know the series Code: Realize, There is a risk of getting a little lost in this topic, which will take the form of a fandyskin. Understand that this episode actually compiles alternate scenes and small pieces of life from the original game … so the original characters. If this is your first experience with this series, you will be completely lost without knowing the original situation and the various connections that unite the heroes between them, which complicates the matter. For a brief summary, find out the story revolves around a young woman named Cardia who lives alone in Wales because her body produces a poison that destroys everything it touches. He will one day meet a certain Arsene Lupine, who will make him meet other men throughout. Since this is an automobile, you can imagine the following.

Let’s meet

Unlike the ‘classic’ ottomans, this title does not provide a real big story, but actually divides each one into several modes, including the short stories as mentioned above. The first proposed, which is surprisingly interesting, allows you to create the romantic triangle of your dreams. In short, it starts with the question of choosing two characters and a very short story. Unfortunately, these little shots are not too short in terms of their duration, anything too short to actually establish or alchemical between the heroes. As always in this real game, the real interest comes only from the examples that open up and are certainly the most beautiful.

As the name of the game suggests, long stories take place during the Christmas season (Winterlight wonders). These scenes take place during or after the events of the main game, with an alternative end to the finish. These stories are a little more interesting to follow in their role, but they won’t add much in the end if you’ve already finished the previous episodes because they already have relatively credible results. Keep in mind that you can also find epilogues for the stories of Shears and Phoenix, a little more interesting if not needed again, as well as a story surrounding Condrella. In short, you will understand, we are in pure fan service here, so it did not bring much, it was not done properly.