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Kamasutra – News Releases – Sports Life Tycoon Launches Today at Nintendo Switch

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

Barcelona, ​​Spain – October 29, 2020: The most anticipated moment of the year is upon us, the Nintendo Switch has the Sports Life Tycoon! Take your team throughout the season and refresh the best moments of the trip. Can you reflect on the success of your idols and achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a world champion?

Sports Life Tycoon is a fun, casual MOBA manager / SIM that reveals the inner workings of the competitive gaming scene. As the CEO of a professional sports team, players have to train their team, advise them, analyze opponents, deal with unexpected emergencies, expand their gaming house, take part in Moba simulated tournaments … and more famous names like Fenatic, DSM , PSG, Heredix or G2 Sports, becoming the best team in the world.

“Sports Life Tycoon players have the opportunity to build, manage and lead their own Moba team from early non-professional competitions to the highest division.” Says Sergio Di Benito, head of marketing for Riser Games. “This season’s positions, which include the current World Semi-Final G2 Sport, will test their athletic knowledge and management skills as long as only one team is at the top.”

Sports Life Tycoon brings players closer to their real life counterparts, accurately simulating the professional careers of sports managers. They need to take into account consequences such as team ethics, competitive knowledge and team tactics to win the team season. Other everyday moments include exaggerating the fans, trading players with other teams, or developing personal skills.

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Utube’s Life, which recently reached 1.5 million copies worldwide, was launched on Nintendo’s hybrid console after graduating in early access to the Sport Life Tycoon Steam, and two weeks before its Xbox One and PS4 premiere on November 12th.

Key Features

  • Create your own sports team Customize everything from the ridge to the players’ tools
  • Assign the biggest stars Achieve your goals: If a player does not fit your needs, you know there is only one way for him
  • Train your players and take care of their well-being Thanks for the team bonding, scouting and healthy lifestyle!
  • Build your team into the most amazing gaming homes Hire coaches, psychologists and marketing managers to improve the daily lives of your players.
  • Compete in the arena Become a Legend: Decide to watch matches or lead your team to glory
  • Face Challenging quests in 7 unique scenes Only the best managers can succeed
  • Sports Life Tycoon has official sports teams: G2 Sports, Pineatics, Herodics, PSG and DSM!

The Sports Life Tycoon is also available App Store, Google Playy, and Steam.

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Media Contact

Pablo Sera

Riser Sports Marketing Manager

[email protected]

About Riser Games

Boutique publisher behind best-selling franchise Life of YouTubers, Lovecraft Worship-Success Horror song, And comedian arena shooter Goat duty. Talented team of players and newcomers, Riser Sports members have released more than 200 games digitally and physically for PC, consoles and mobile devices from 17 different countries.

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About U-Play Online

U-Play Online is an independent video game studio based in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Founded in 2009 and working with video games and sports enthusiasts, U-Play Online focuses on creative projects that combine classic gameplay skills (management, runner, puzzle…) with the best online gaming. They are Superhit YouTubers Life (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Steam, iOS and Android), the first and best YouTuber simulator available on any Electro, which reached the top 100 best sellers on Steam in 2016. The studio also has created owners like Striker Manager, Striker Soccer, Swipe Basketball and Train Crisis, which are popular with over 50M users worldwide on many topics (PC, iOS and Android).