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Rahan in digital - izneo exclusive

Rahan in digital – izneo exclusive

Rahan, coming in digital version! The French digital comic book service is proud to announce Rahane’s exclusive availability in its izneo Pass subscription offer.

Bringing it out, The leading French service for digital comics in Europe, now includes full versions Money Digital exclusively for its unlimited reading subscription offer for one year.

Within its subscription offer, Bringing it out It invites readers of all types and ages to enter the world of comics More than 8000 comic books, webtoon, manga and comics. This time, the cult saga created by Roger Lecurex and Andre Soret in Editions Sole is now enriching the izneo subscription list.

Editions is the annual edition released during the 50s of the prehistoric hero, and Editions has decided to offer it in digital form. This reprint of Rahan’s complete edition brings the entire work into 26 volumes. Great opportunity to discover or re-read the adventures of one of the main characters of the comic strip.

The first 13 volumes of this new version are already available on the izneo subscription and can be read on all digital media: from the site on PC or Mac, from the Android and iOS apps, on smartphones and tablets, as well as the izneo app for the Nintendo Switch. For the following 13 volumes, they will gradually come under the izneo subscription during the year.

With its new releases and weekly uniqueness, izneo thus confirms its position as a pioneer of digital comics.

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