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A secret N64 tribute awaits on the Firewatch for the Nintendo Switch JPGAMES.DE

A secret N64 tribute awaits on the Firewatch for the Nintendo Switch JPGAMES.DE

This month the Nintendo 64 celebrated its 24th birthday. Almost never old Firewatch, Which was released for the fifth time earlier this month. There is also a version of the game for Nintendo Switch from 2018, which offers a great Easter egg, which has been hidden from most to this day. It was discovered before, but never received much attention.

Cable Saucer, co-founder of Firewatch publisher Panic, thought so too. On Twitter, he recalled Once again this Easter egg that pays homage to the Nintendo 64. So here we come to the whole circle. You can make the discovery while in “free ROM” mode. In a sign post, the most attentive firefighters will find a short post — which is only available in the switch version of the game.

When you explore it, you will see new input on your card. Follow your card to this location and you will find a small storage box that can be opened with the 1964 code. It actually has an N64 cartridge for a game called “Forest 1964”. Now all you need is a Nintendo 64. Unfortunately, it is not available on Firewatch, but it has a strange altar. Put the module in there and you get started … a mini-game!

In “Forest 64” which starts later, you collect 100 badges as a small ranger. If you can do that, you will open another collection mode. In the end, the best time is engraved on the screen. Even the music of the mini-game is reminiscent of N64 modes. Incidentally, the background music was created by Cable Saucer.

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Below is a post on YouTube. On Twitter But you can also find short clips about how to get to Eastrek. The firewatch, often referred to as the “walking simulator” of its genre, found many fans and sold a whopping 2.5 million copies. Substantial for a project of this size. Developer Combo Santo then fell under the category of Wolverine.

The Firewatch movie is in progress

In August 2020, it was announced that there would be a film adaptation of the game. Snot Entertainment, the independent production company behind the films like Blindsporting and Little Monsters, is planning to shoot with Combo Santo. This is already the second attempt. Combo Santo tried the Good Universe many years ago, but the company was sold to Lionscate and the rights returned to Combo Santo. Additional details about the new launch are not yet available.

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