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Tesla stock: Older models need to be upgraded!

Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) works towards full autonomous cars. The company claims that every car it sells today comes with the hardware needed for full autonomous driving (FSD); The software must continue to work.

Tesla has FSD beta program A small team of testers who demonstrated that the car can do impressive maneuvers was presented with: B. Avoid deer on dirt roads.

However, older vehicles do not have all the necessary hardware. According to the Electrek report, Tesla is urging customers of older model S and X vehicles who have purchased FSD software to upgrade their automation cameras. This update is required for vehicles to use FST beta software.

With the exception of the rear view camera, all cameras are transparent. These updates are free for customers because they have already paid for the FSD, and Tesla is only updating the hardware.

This is not Tesla’s first free hardware upgrade to bring FSD updates to owners. In 2019, Tesla began offering upgrades to its latest “Hardware 3.0” or “Full Self-Driving System” for vehicles with FSD software. This update is also free to owners.