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Surprisingly, iPhone users can now enjoy it too

Surprisingly, iPhone users can now enjoy it too

One week after the introduction of Netflix games on Android, the video streaming platform has made its five games available in the App Store. Not without some concessions to Apple.

Netflix games are also available in the App Store

Netflix games are also available in the App Store // Source: FRANDROID

This was a surprising announcement early last week: launched in three countries over the summer, Netflix Games is finally available in other parts of the world, But in other parts of the world there are only Android tablets or smartphones.

Leaving iPhone and iPad owners hungry, the mistake of the Apple Store’s strict rules, we heard everywhere. However, Netflix promised on Twitter that deployment on the iPhone would be done very soon. It’s obviously a blurry word.

Netflix pays for Apple’s purchase system

Discovered by Mark Kurman on Tuesday, Nevertheless, he promised on Sunday that it would take time, Five games announced by Netflix are already in the App Store. Can be downloaded on our iPhone as well Stranger Things: 1984, Strangers Things 3: Lay Gee, Dieter (Up), Card Blast And Shooting rings. The same five titles available on Android.

Netflix's Stranger Things: 1984 Available on the Game App Store

Leverage: 1984, available on the Netflix Game App Store // Source: FRANDROID

But there is still a little uniqueness. If you have Netflix on Android, check out the game icons in the app and download it from the Google Play Store (via the live channel, do not try to download and duplicate them without subscribing to Netflix), on iOS it does not.

The games will be as unique as any other game or just like any other Apple Arcade title in the Apple Store. This is also one of the points that prevents the arrival of cloud gaming service applications, which should create a file per game to meet the strict access conditions for Apple devices.

Netflix games on the App Store

Netflix Games on the App Store // Source: FRANDROID

Here, each game has its own file and can be downloaded for free. On closer inspection, on the other hand, your game will automatically link to your Netflix account, but will not appear when it starts. If you want to enjoy the game without subscribing, you can subscribe to Netflix through the App Store and through Apple’s payment system. That means Netflix has agreed to donate a 30% commission fee. Epic Games and Tim Sweeney will not like this game That they have the right to infringe

Netflix Games: Surprisingly, iPhone users can enjoy it now too

A small revolution on stage using a certain kind of offer for many years to escape the popular system. The desire to expand its audience for its games may be better than the options of Los Cados.

After launching in Poland, Spain and Italy this summer, the Netflix games service is coming to France. As of Tuesday, the operating system will have access to its gaming offer with five titles …
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