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Tesla Model S and Xplate: In AMD Raison Four Core Infotainment System

Tesla Model S and Xplate: In AMD Raison Four Core Infotainment System

Tesla relies on AMD hardware to run the infotainment system on current flight versions of the Model S and Model X electric cars. The YouTube channel “Ingineerix” was recently revealed that split the mainboard unit and showed individual chips.

A complete graphics card with Navi-23 GPU and 10 TFlops FP32 processing power is one of the new things you can get, but the processor has been behind it for a few years. It has the model number YE180FC3T4MFG, which speaks for the offshoot of the Ryzen Embedded V1807B from AMD’s first generation. The package structure with the characteristic metal frame and the elongated silicon chip indicated under the heat paste support the assumption.

The main board of the current Tesla infotainment system. The AMD processor is on the right.
(Image: Engineer )

The YE180FC3T4MFG uses four Gen 1 cores with eight strings and 11 compute units or an integrated Vega graphics unit with 704 shader arithmetic units. According to AMD’s announcement from June 2021, the GPU of the processor is used when the 3D load is low; The larger Navi-23 takes up graphics card games.

Tesla’s new blade car computer!

AMD uses the Navi-23 GPU on desktop PCs with the Radeon RX 6600 XT and Radeon RX 6600 with 32 and 28 compute units, respectively, with a maximum of 2048 shader cores. Meanwhile, four memory modules with the K4ZAF325BM label appear on the graphics card. GDDR6 corresponds to a total of 8 GB of RAM. It is not clear whether this is an HC14 or HC16 module. Depending on this, the memory reaches a transfer rate of 224 or 256 GB / s on 128 data lines. In the case of main memory, the label on the four chips cannot be identified.

Its main feature is that Tesla’s infotainment system is fast in its own right and almost comparable to Sony’s PlayStation 5 game console. Tesla is not just promoting front-seat passenger gaming – promotional images highlight the action-rolling game “The Witcher 3”.


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