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'Find something more beautiful'

‘Find something more beautiful’

It ended before “love” was born between the two students Friends 21. Luigi and Carola are, in fact, the protagonists of the November 5 daytime, in which they clarify the feelings they have for each other. With support Maria de Philippi In this connection, the singer told the dancer that he could not be a close friend. However, fans of the talent show continue to believe the couple and the complicity that has been leaked from TV in recent weeks.

Shares of Amici 21 singer

Luigi e Carola They were the first students to approach Amici 21. Since the launch of the new version of the talent show, in fact, there have been several afternoon chapters dedicated to this skill by the authors. Couple.

Between games, looks and complicity, the two began to get to know each other, but without going overboard. The singer and dancer, in fact, do not give in to each other Not even a kiss By the will of both and in the last hours why it was discovered.

Daylight, which aired on November 5, actually focused somewhat on the direction of this relationship. Maria de Philippi She contacted the little house and asked the dancer from the Celentano group to listen carefully to her speech, just as she had done with her “special friend” before.

The presenter tried to explain to Carola that Luigi did not want to create it Emotional bonding With her, but in order not to hurt her, he often takes attitudes against her will.

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Rafaela Cara’s songs for Amish

So Amici’s presenter tried to make a clear but subtle speech to Carola, which was in a way that made her understand. Luigi is not interested As a potential girlfriend to her.

The dancer admitted that the singer in her home was a reference to her, but understands her barrier to going beyond the bond of friendship they have built up in recent weeks.

To try to make the message even clearer, Maria de Philippi invited the dancer to listen to a song Rafaela Cara It writes: “Find another beautiful person with no problems”.

The woman sang the song out loud and then she understood very well how things are: between her and Luigi Just friendly And his heart must deal with it.

Different opinion of Amici supporters

So, Amici’s daytime on November 5th was nothing more than a beautiful friendship between Luigi and Carola, especially intended to inform the audience of the young man’s wishes.

After attending today’s episode the talent shows many Fan They said they were displaced by the news that exposed themselves on social networks, which came like a bolt from the blue and weeks later, the product focused even more on this potential couple.

“Both of these I’m under a thousand trains“When Maria de Philippi spoke to them, one of them wrote photos of the views exchanged between the dancer and the singer, linking them to their thoughts.

Another fan, on the other hand, said he was ready for anything to take this “ship”, while another fan assured other supporters of the “twins” by typing on Twitter: “This is precisely this mild character. Something will happen, From time to time guys “.

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In short, Amish followers do not believe the fact that Luigi does not like Corolla, but the presenter emphasizes a lot, so that the young woman and the whole audience receive this message clearly and without misunderstanding. Closure By the artist.

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