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Techland denies development issues and talks about advance notice -

Techland denies development issues and talks about advance notice –

Decland I refused Developmental problems of Dying light2, Claiming that it is simply a Very advance notice Regarding the status of the game.

The stand taken by the Polish studio came in response to some tweets regarding the recent announcement of an immediate return to public viewing of Dying Light 2. At one point he denied that the game ended up being called “Dev Hell”. Growth continues to progress: “We announced the game very soon, but it was far from Dev hell.

In another tweet the development continues and it was confirmed that there is no dying light 2 Deleted.

Finally, by one-third, the game is denied the chance to come out first Initial access: “No, early access to Dying Light 2 is not good and we have worked hard over the years to launch a quality finished product, which is our goal.

Of course we agree that sooner or later the dying light 2 will come out, but considering the various shocks that occurred during the process, we truly believe that there was no problem with it, first the expulsion of Chris Avelon for the persecution.

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