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Hollow Infinite shows the many nuances of the Zeta ring |  Xbox One

Hollow Infinite shows the many nuances of the Zeta ring | Xbox One

Two weeks ago, 343 Industries published an article Hollow Zeta and its day / night cycle The studio returns to it in detail with the second episode of Ask343. Already in the previous installment, leading sandbox designer Quinn Delhoyo, leading global designer John Mugley, sports director Troy Mashburn and campaign art director Justin Dingkes to answer questions from players Hollow is infinite.

A ton of new information!

So this chapter would have been an opportunity to explain in more depth what the Hollow Infinite World has to offer. Day / night cycle is definitely mentioned, but many game elements!

Detailed information provided:

  • To revive the ring, in addition to the day / night cycle, 343 Industries added a weather system. This includes the air system that joins the scene with the audio. For the launch, however, there will be no thunderstorms or blizzards. Developers are excited about what the future holds for these systems.
  • The day / night cycle affects how enemies react to you and the environment in which you run into them. For example, you often see sleeping grunts at night, patrolling the Phantom with Dands … to make the night environment more beautiful, there are some glowing elements like enemies carrying shields like scrolls or jackals. Very easy to find.
  • When there is wildlife in Zeta, it is not hostile, but rather helps to make the environment more alive. For example, if you see a circle flying over an area and the wildlife that appears at night, there are types of birds that can catch your attention to a place.
  • Attendance for dual arms handling is not currently planned, and the team wants to focus on completing weapons, melee and equipment.
  • The story of Hollow Infinite is mainly the story of the Master Chief and the Spartans, 343 people wanted to focus on their conflicts, especially in multiplayer, if nothing is excluded for the future, the Elites can not play in the beginning.
  • The possibilities for upgrading weapons were considered before development because, among other things, it kept expanded inventory and moved away from the spirit of the game. You can open upgraded weapons and their variants. .
  • In multiplayer mode, you can only wear single-use gear. 343 seeks to introduce devices that allow you to wear multiple pieces of equipment at once in custom competitions.
  • The Infinite World was not only open, but deeply inspired by journeys like a Silent Cartographer and provided a certain ability when setting a precise goal. It is possible to have a ship from one ship to another.
  • Zeta has a diversity of biomes, of which the Pacific Northwest is the most important. Others include swamps, war-torn lands known as the Deadlands, pioneering architecture and outcast sites.
  • The hexagonal pillars are the main basic ecological structure of the damaged ring.
  • It is very possible that you will achieve more advanced goals in the Bunshi story. The story is structured with a guide, but there are many places you can access outside of the main story that will allow you to rescue the Marines and confront or fight the outcasts. The main frame acts as an anchor, and you can avoid its occurrence, but none of the invisible walls prevent access to other areas.
  • The scene will still progress in a linear style and some parts of the story will be approached depending on your progress. Vehicles that you can finally access will allow you to discover new elements, recover from the inability to reach the Marines, and therefore live the story by adding your personal touch.
  • There are other ways to find story elements in Hollow Zeta than just the “golden path”: it gives the example of a crushed pelican sliding on the ground.
  • You can find sports audio diaries that tell the wars of the ring, personal stories and more. They complete the eco-storytelling in many areas. They have been compared to the “Cool Radio Soap Opera”.
  • The visible ring in the sky is a full-length 3D model that allows you to give an attribute, and also makes it easier to locate areas where you are. This gives more realism to the shadows and may even create an eclipse effect.
  • Cutskins are affected by day / night rotation and are delivered directly by the machine. Thanks to the smooth transitions between the game and the cutscenes, everything you own will appear there, including your weapons.
  • Special efforts have been made by the designers to blend familiar landscape elements such as trees with mega-structures.
  • The outcasts kept their heavy metal look from Hollow Wars 2 with red and combat paint accents. You will see spike structures fall from them, emitting the environment and crushing the floor and everything in it.
  • You can drop things off the edge of the Hollow Zeta: while playing it, the developers sent a mission without aiming at Abyss.
  • 343 Thanks again for raising the concerns of the fans following the July 2020 presentation.
  • There will be sites and outposts where you can meet as there are patrols and unplanned encounters.
  • There is a system to know what you did or are not doing. If you are a pet, the looks that appear in this structure will be a lot of fun. On the other hand, if you are on a ship, the looks will suit it. This is not a penalty system, but a system aimed at making your study more fun: the linear experience in previous games is designed around the vehicles you have. Infinite is designed to be especially fun, a wasp will appear if you are a wasp.
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All of this information refers to itHollow is infinite It will be full of all kinds of details. We hope that the next presentation of the game will show what the slipspace engine is capable of. For those who do not plan a sleepless night should keep new information around the topic on the last Thursday of the month, Friday the 26th.