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Taxi driver fined for abandoning waste Monza

Taxi driver fined for abandoning waste Monza

The taxi pulls up on the side of the road and the driver comes out and opens the rear passenger door. However, without letting a customer out of the house, the man unwraps two tires and leaves them on the side of the road.

One of the cameras installed in the city filmed the entire scene, so the person in charge was fined and the taxi driver now has to pay a fine of 700 euros. From December to February, thanks to images from mobile cameras, 22 administrative violations and 3 criminal reports were found against those who downloaded unauthorized items on the street in violation of the TUA (Integrated Environmental Act) and the new city police regulation. “We are aware that there are some degenerate situations in the city, and thanks to reports from groups of citizens leading the region, the councilor for the Federico forum for security explains.

Video – Dropping waste filmed by camera

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“Mobile cameras installed in various critical areas are a crucial tool for identifying and allowing waste to be dumped on the city’s landscape. Are used “.

The municipal administration has invested 75 thousand euros in the 2020 budget on the extraordinary maintenance and technical implementation of the video surveillance system. “The public lighting project – underlining the councilor – provides for the replacement of all cameras in the area and the creation of an effective infrastructure that allows for the full performance of the system. Unfortunately, many bureaucratic delays and disputes between participants shortened the time. We started with this resource allocation for the year and we are defining further investments in this planning phase of the 2021 budget. “

Waste, what is the risk of abandonment

When a company is concerned about dumping waste, the owner can be fined between 3 months and 1 year or face a fine of 6,600 to 26 26,000 in the event of hazardous waste. On the other hand, if hazardous waste is discarded, the fine increases from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 2 years and the fine from 6,600 to 26,000,000. For private individuals, dropping is punishable by a fine of 600 euros provided by the Integrated Environmental Act or 100 euros by the new city police regulations with administrative fines.