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Final Fantasy 7, "News" is badly translated, the director's real words -

Final Fantasy 7, “News” is badly translated, the director’s real words –

In the words of recently co-director Motomu Toriyama Final Fantasy 7 remake. According to the first translation, it seemed that there would be room to deliver some during the upcoming Square Enix concert Announcements Dedicated to the 2020 Roll-Flaming Game. Clearly, many people immediately thought about news like the PS5 version, PC or Xbox, but the potential DLCs were not ruled out, all supported by various rumors that have been circulating recently. But now we have found it Toriyama’s words are poorly translated.

In his actual statement translation: “Hi, I’s co-director of Final Fantasy 7 remake, Doriama. I can hear the band this weekend. The music is not just from the original game. There will be a way to see their performance during the event, of course, but also be the place Bonus plan I’ll be in it: I’ll talk a little bit about the Final Fantasy 7 remake. ”

As you can read, the co-director simply says Talks about the game, it does not mean that there will be news Of any kind. The inclusion of announcements in his speech is more than possible, but it is possible that the development of the game, the difficulties encountered, the motives for this remake and only a few statements on other similar topics: behind the scenes of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, in other words, more than news.

Therefore, it is not yet time to lose hope completely, but at the same time we can not assume that something new is waiting for us. We will only find out on February 13th.

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