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Taste of Google TV for Android TV

Taste of Google TV for Android TV

Provides an overview of Google TV for Google Android TV. Yes, nothing is always easy with a search engine, so let’s get started again. Late last year, Google introduced Chromecast with Google TV, A very close Box Apple TV-type streaming media streaming audio or video from a smartphone-remote control rather than the original Chromecast.

This HTMLI dongle works on Android TV, but in this case Google has completely redesigned the interface called Google TV. This interface is what comes with Google Android TV devices. For the record, it looks like this:

Images: Google.

Now it looks like this:

The new Android TV interface is closer to what we know on TVOS or Amazon Fire TVs. In addition to the completely edited home page, this brush brings up a tab Find out (Movies and TV series specifically searchable on the search engine and personalized suggestions) and a tab Applications.

All of these are currently broadcast on Android TV sets in France, Germany, Australia, Canada and the United States. Other countries will have to wait the next few weeks.

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