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Harmful WhatsApp worm in circulation: Check out this news!

Harmful WhatsApp worm in circulation: Check out this news!

Warning during travel, dangerous malware

“Download this app and win the smartphone” is the WhatsApp message that Android users are currently receiving from their contacts. Message recipients should not be fooled into downloading a malicious app from a fake Google Play Store. However, it is malware that spreads automatically through the popular messenger service after installation.

Malware is spread through the victim’s WhatsApp

Cybercriminals mainly use the app for adware and subscription fraud campaigns. However, there is no denying that it can also be used for other purposes such as spying or data theft. ESET security experts explain what is behind Velive Security’s current fraud.

Lucas Stephenko, an ESET malware researcher, explains that “the malware spreads through the victim’s WhatsApp and automatically responds to every incoming message with a link to a fake and malicious Hawaii mobile app. Once installed, it asks for a variety of permissions, including access to notifications.” “At the moment, supporters are using this app for adware and subscription scams. However, this malware can spread even more dangerous threats because the message text and the link to the malicious application are obtained by the attacker’s server. In the next stage, bank Trojans, ransomware or spyware.”

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