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Tanki Kong enters super Nintendo world • Nintendo Connect in 2024

Tanki Kong enters super Nintendo world • Nintendo Connect in 2024

There are Nintendo plans Confident, Super Nintendo World, a relatively newly opened theme park at Japanese Universal Studios in Osaka, to expand a new Tanki Kong area. The news is not surprising – construction seems to have been going on for some time.

Nintendo’s Donkey Kong franchise started in 1981 with an arcade game and quickly won the hearts of fans around the world. Since then, the Donkey Kong game series has continued to offer more and more games to Nintendo video game systems such as Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Wii and Nintendo Switch. The series has been sold more than 65 million times (as of March 2021) to generations of fans worldwide.

The pictures, released by Nintendo, confirm that the Tanki Kong Zone is reached through a large round door that already exists in the park. This led to many speculations at the time. Currently, Super Nintendo World is almost exclusively Mario-themed – except for Yoshi and some Pygmies. According to Nintendo, the new Forest Zone will be a significant addition to the new Nintendo World, accounting for about 70 percent of the total volume.

Map shows the location of the new Donkey Kong area in Super Nintendo World.

The Tonky Kong Zone “includes a roller coaster, interactive experiences and themed products and food,” Nintendo’s report says. “Guests can walk on the wild side through the lush woods where Donkey Kong and his friends live,” Nintendo promises. With the current super Nintendo world, they want to provide an experience that everyone can enjoy by combining Universal Studio’s technology and imagination with Nintendo’s creativity. Shigeru Miyamoto is also involved. He created the well-known series Super Mario, Pigmin, Description of Zelda, F-Zero, Star Fox Or even Ass Cong.

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“I’m so glad I was able to make Donkey Kong’s world come true after Mario’s,” says Shigeru Miyamoto. “I look forward to creating an amazing Tonky Kong experience with the best team at Universal. It will take a while to complete, but it will be a unique part – not just for those who are familiar with Donkey Kong games, but for all guests.

The completion and opening of the new Super Nintendo global division is scheduled for 2024. Hope to be able to travel to Japan again. If you are unable or unwilling to go to Japan, you will have the opportunity to visit after a Super Nintendo World theme park in Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore. Unfortunately there are currently no plans for a park in Europe! We will keep you updated with any news!