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Podcast: Nintendo hits the nail in the head & THQ Nordic makes a big announcement | Chapter 53

A new week, a new edition “Deli up”. At the end of the year, THQ and Nintendo gave us two digital events, which we will talk about in more detail. Among them were some notable new announcements such as the first 3D Kirby, which is reminiscent of The Lost of themes. However, the debate is even more divisive when it comes to Nintendo online. The Japanese have announced an expansion package for online service that includes the N64 Classics.

However, our comment about the announcement trailer for Spongebob SquarePants: Cosmic Shake is undeniable. Aside from streaming events, we have countless recordings of current movies or games for you. In this issue you can find out how we liked Kana: Bridge of Spirits, New Life Strange or New Blockbuster Tune.

Nintendo Direct September 2021 & THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary Display Podcast with All Information | Chapter 53

Moderate: Tobias Lisenhoff

Editors of the show: Morton Cherek, Kevin Greisel, Christian Koitka

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