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System update?  No it is malware

System update? No it is malware

Android It is the most popular operating system in the world, but a favorite target for the bad guys. Experts Zimbarium They discovered the new malware installed on the smartphone when the user downloaded the app System update From third party stores. This is not a system update, but a spyware that takes control of your device and collects a large amount of personal data.

It sounds like a system update, but it’s spyware

Malware a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) It receives and executes commands from the C&C (Command and Control) Server. After examining the code, gymnasium experts discovered a wide assortment of “features”. Read spyware messages, SMS, call history and contacts, access photos, videos, bookmarks, browsing history and notifications, take photos, Record videos and calls, Search for files with specific extensions, steal device information e Track your GPS location. In practice this is a real spy tool. The application is unknown because its icon is not displayed.

The spyware feature is activated when the user receives an SMS, adds a contact to the address book, or installs a new application. During the call, registration starts automatically. The associated zip file is sent to the remote server and immediately removed from the smartphone without any traces.

Enough from spyware “smart” Find the connection type. If the user uses WiFi, all data will be sent to the server, while if he uses a mobile connection, only some data and photo thumbnails will be sent instead of the full resolution versions. It will also display a fake notification indicating that it is looking for malware updates.

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