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III Media Exams, From Title Assignment to Final Class. Guide

State Maturity Selection

The final state exam of the first cycle of education as 2021/22, we publish a short guide in which all the requirements related to the exam are explained: what the teachers do, what the students do, the class councils, the commission and the sub commissions.

Essam III Media 2020/21

L ‘Choice The final stage of the first cycle of education as 2021/22 due to epidemiological emergency, It consists of an oral selection and preparation and presentation of a paper By students established by OM n. 52/2017.

The selection takes place Between the end of the lessons and June 30th In the presence of, the test will be conducted via video conference or other synchronous telematic method, except in any terms of the Health Authority and in certain cases.

Procedures and duties related to the examination, its performance and student assessment are:

  • Thematic work prepared by the Class Council for each student by 7 May 2021;
  • Support teachers for students in realizing the paper and choosing the form in which it should be;
  • Paper sent to classroom by students by 7 June 2021;
  • The final ballot for approval to join the examination and the characteristic of the corresponding score in the tens
  • Preliminary meeting;
  • Conducting the examination;
  • Final evaluation.


Like I said at the beginning, we are releasing one Short guide Indicates step by step Complete AttachedChoice. This is the guide code:

  1. Assumption
  2. Time and summary of accomplishments
  3. Selection Procedure (Test, Selection and / or Video Conference)
  4. Detailed thematic work
  5. Detailed: Properties and delivery date
  6. Teacher support for students to feel comprehensive
  7. Select Activities Calendar
  8. Final Study: Certificate of Admission, Quality and Skills
  9. Preliminary meeting and related duties
  10. Commission and Subcommittees
  11. Headmaster, Second Degree State Examinations and Substitutes for him
  12. Selection procedure
  13. Final evaluation
  14. Release of results
  15. Students with Disabilities and SLT
  16. Reference Act
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Download the guide in PDF