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Switches to Iliad in May 2021.  Table of executable rates

Switches to Iliad in May 2021. Table of executable rates

Iliad presents May 2021

Iliad presents May 2021. Today’s post is May 2, 2021. As usual, here at we take the Iliad offers that can be implemented this month. For clarity, we summarize them in the table diagram below:

Iliad offer Cost / month
Iliad Giga100 9.99 Euro / month
Iliad Giga50 7.99 Euro / month
Iliad Giga40 6.99 Euro / month
Iliad Voss 4.99 Euro / month

How to implement Iliad Giga 100. In a few minutes, we remind you that the Iliad Giga 100 is conveniently implemented online Follow this link directly to the Iliad website …

Iliad 100 giga

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The main offer, the Iliad Giga 100, includes the following:

  • 100 gigabytes of data for navigation
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited SMS
  • At a cost of 9.99 euros per month

Iliad Giga100 As mentioned, this is the key rate proposed in Iliad’s current offerings. This is huge in terms of mobile connectivity. 100 giga is actually almost flat data, really. So it is a type of SIM which is suitable for any use in tethering or hotspot. In short, the SIM should also function in converting the traditional landline.

The Iliad Giga 100 allows you to access the Iliad 5G. Given the possibility and not a condition. Those with a compatible phone will connect to the more powerful 5G, where it is apparently available, while everyone else will continue to use 3G and 4G on all other devices, even older ones.

Iliad Italia logo

Already the standard Iliad in May

The focus will always be Iliad’s Mobile Offers But it is obvious that the biggest hype is about the lucky introduction of Iliad fiber. With the fourth operator landing at a fixed location from the mobile, the matter has been widely reported. However, it remains to be seen when that will be. In fact, we wrote to Iliad many times, and he certainly wants to surprise everyone with surprise. As has already happened to mobile. It would not be so luxurious to have an idea for a launch on the same day as the mobile. After 3 years. In short, could 29 May 2021 be the date of the Fiber Revolution? For now, of course, we make some assumptions. Tell us yours on the Telegram channel or in the comments below.

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