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Elections canceled in Palestinian territories: Mahmoud Abbas has no EU money!  - Politics

Elections canceled in Palestinian territories: Mahmoud Abbas has no EU money! – Politics

Mahmoud Abbas is a blender. Who stands up for the Palestinian cause and respects democratic principles. But it’s a cheap interface. In fact, the president, by his own grace, cares only about himself and the retention of the power of his governing body. An Arab powerful man who bends common rules at will.

Abbas has now – again – canceled the promised parliamentary election. He justifies this by making it clear that Israel will not allow votes in East Jerusalem. But the reference to evil “Zionists” is, as is often the case, a welcome excuse to cover up one’s own anger and apparent fear of failure.

Abbas knew that his Fatah party, which ruled the West Bank, would clearly lose the pro-vote struggle and that Islamic Hamas would win.

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No wonder. Abbas has been running the Palestinian Authority for 15 years without legal trace. The tenure of the old man is long overdue. Although he has repeatedly promised to face the election, he has always violently broken this promise. It is disappointing to know so well that people have turned away from him.

Young people are pessimistic and angry

The president has been losing support for years, especially among many young people. Frustrated, they are now fully complaining about the rampant corruption, repression of free speech by brutal security forces and their dilapidated economic situation – no longer blaming Israel, but their cryptocurrency leadership.

In fact, despite full body announcements, Abbas has achieved nothing for the Palestinians. He is also the reason why its own position is so far away. After all, the 85-year-old has never excelled as a competent negotiator. More than stubborn, unimaginable and wanting to compromise.

In Gaza, Hamas organized protests against Abbas’ decision to suspend elections.Photo: Imego / Zuma Wire

The European Union and Germany must be aware of this. Nevertheless, the two hold their husband free from Ramallah and look for a partner with him, Shower Abbas and his men with millions. Although everyone knows: not all money ends up in ordinary Palestinians, but the bulk in the pockets of the greedy elite.

If you hold your hand, you must obey the rules

So the now-canceled elections should be a signal to Berlin and Brussels to break free from court practice. Those who hold hands must show that they respect democratic practices, promote a free society, and strive for the rule of law.

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If that doesn’t happen, there can be no more gifts. For a very long time, the EU and Germany included anti-Semitic abuses of Abbas and anti-Semitic passages in Palestinian textbooks. It’s time to stop being blind.