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The App Store should be like this soon

The App Store should be like this soon

By far, the Android App Store is the most colorful – sometimes dubious. That needs to change. What the Google Play Store should look like in the future.

Free, top-Processor Or “Number 1”: Users make promises, but often fail to keep them, which is a part of everyday life in many utility stores. Full body pledges or false names are valid and cheap for many providers, the main thing is that their use is established as often as possible.

You can count on more search hits and listings in the Play Store in the future, Google has announced new rules for Android apps’ names and logos. They should become clear and easy to understand. An overview:

  • Maximum length: In the future, the length of application titles should no longer exceed 30 characters.
  • Some information: In the name, logo and developer name, no information about the download quality or whether the application can be free appears. This means that names like “Free Travel Plan” or “NoAdsTravelCompany” will be banned in the future, as Android developers write.
  • Direct requests and actions: Direct requests and sales campaigns such as “Download Now” or “Update Now” should be prohibited.
  • Emoji and characters: Use and emojis in or in the developer’s names, as well as exclamation marks – or other punctuation marks that are not there.
  • Application logo: The new rules also apply to titles and small films next to developer companies. Panels or banners above the logo are no longer allowed – such as “Sale” or “Update Now”.
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Want a little less? There should be new rules for the Play Store. (Source:

For application developers, the changes will take effect in the second half of 2021. When right, Google wants to report it soon.

As a provider, anyone who does not want to be removed from the Play Store with their app or who was not initially accepted will have to abide by the new rules. For consumers, this means above all else: the App Store may seem a bit relaxed – but it also means they are more secure.