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The Cipolo card is now compatible with Apple’s Find My Network

Anyone who has tried to integrate their wallet into the “Find My” network through AirTake or Cipolo One Spot may be aware of the problem with the size of two trackers. At 8mm, the AirTag is not exactly thin, while the Chipolo is slightly thinner at 6.4mm.

CARD Spot How much space does a normal credit card need?

Cipolo provided a possible solution to the problem at CES. The Slovenian company now offers the Cipolo card with Find My Integration. Chipolo CARD spot “Where is it?” Like the AirTag in. If a Bluetooth connection is possible, the CARD Spot can be detected using a 105 dB audio signal.

5514117E-B1B3-442B-A55E-1A7B5046603B Cipolo Card is now compatible with Apple's Find My Network gadgets

Where is the integration with Apple? Processor

Perhaps the biggest feature, however, is the dimensions of the CARD space. The device is approximately the size of a credit card and 0.9mm slightly thicker. Cipolo should be relatively easy to put in a purse. It is IPX5 standard to protect against any accidents or overnight rain.

D8730693-A3EF-4357-8AC6-F6163CC2CF3D Cipolo Card is now compatible with Apple's Find My Network gadgets

Only 0.9mm, which is significantly thinner than the AirTag

However, the advantages in terms of dimensions have two disadvantages, which can be decisive. Chipolo CARD Spot does not support “accurate detection”. Requires Apple Ultra-White-Band Chip (U1 Chip) and associated interface. Both of these are currently unavailable to third parties. Another drawback is that the Cipolo card spot does not replace the battery. There is only one recycling program. Battery life is stated as 2 years. Chipolo CARD space can now be pre-ordered for € 35.

More link: Cipolo Card Spot

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