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Switch comes with a section dedicated to the most played games

Switch comes with a section dedicated to the most played games

Nintendo has added a new section to the eShop, Simply called Most Player and is dedicated to the most played and popular games on Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite and Switch Olet.

The section in question shows a list of games that have been played the most over the past two weeks, with the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl following at the time of writing above the rankings. Discoya6, Football Manager 2022 Touch And Shin Megami Tensei V, AAA Clock processor currently on sale in many countries.

Switch also includes a list of the most played games Dragon Quest Builders 2, Diablo II Resurrection, Civilization VI, Fire Symbol Three Houses, My Time in Portia, X-COM 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, ARK Survival Evolved, Trails of Gold Steel III e Harvest Moon One World.

One way “ReplaceIshaab to recommend and Discover new games to buy It is not based on best-selling games such as titles that are often played by console owners, a feature that is present in all major digital stores, but is not yet available in the Nintendo Store and is finally finally available. The release started at night, so the much-played segment is not yet on the Italian eShop, but in the next few hours it should appear in our country as well.

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