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Sweepstakes: These Two Readers Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Destruction for the Nintendo Switch

In early August We started a competition with Nintendo Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Destruction, You also have a business version Pack egg Dusted with sports and stuff. For successful participation, we wanted to know in the comments which game dynamics are most sure for you in the free demo version of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Rouin. Our virtual lottery angel had a lottery drum this morning 170 participants Stir – Sore muscles are inevitable. Both participants can expect to win the following prizes:

Cure bag egg gets egg!

Expect the Yozora Business Edition!

Congratulations and thank you so much for participating in this competition! We will send a personal message to the winners shortly, and then send the prizes via carrier pigeon Send!

Aren’t you lucky in this match? Don’t worry, it still works Competition for 51 World Games, In which you have the opportunity to trade version of the game for Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch – you can still participate until 08/22/2021!

Don’t you want to miss more matches with us in the future? Then switches to News subscription management Notice of contests and you will always be notified as soon as we start a new contest!

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