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E3 No-Show – Nintendo responds to latest ‘Switch Pro’ rumors following

Before E3, there was a lot of talk about Nintendo Switch Pro to be unveiled prior to the event so that new games can also be announced using hardware upgrades. That didn’t happen in the end, and now Nintendo is talking about those rumors again.

In an interview with the Washington Post, US Nintendo President Doug Basser cited recent rumors that the company is “still exploring technology and how technology can improve gaming experiences”.

Bowser explains that when it comes to new technology and hardware, Nintendo is more interested in how to improve the gaming experience, rather than adding “technology to technology”.

“How can technology accurately enhance the gaming experience. Then where do you use this technology? Do you want to use it on existing hardware or platforms or wait for the next operating system? Then what’s the best gaming experience in it? Many factors come into play, it’s something we’m always looking for.”

Nintendo Click The Pro, also known as the “Super Switch”, has not been announced, but this year’s reports indicate that it will go into production at least this year before its release in late 2021. Postponed.

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