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Sushima's Ghost: Myths Become a Unique Game - Narrator Report

Sushima’s Ghost: Myths Become a Unique Game – Narrator Report

It is inside A statement Sucker Punch announced the news on the PlayStation blog. Sushima’s Ghost: Myths Is a complete game and will receive a new game mode from September 3rd. The studio mentions this passage though Unique, This update will be free for players who own the original game and will not be associated with any purchases related to it. Sushima’s Ghost: The Director’s Cut.

This new system, called “rivals”, triggers two teams of players competing with waves of opponents on a new map. Each defeated contestant will be given a double point called “Magadhama”, which will prevent the team from buying up improvements. I hope to take the necessary action to open the final wave and win in front of its competitors.

For new players, Sushima’s Ghost: Myths On PS4 and PS5 on August 20th. Available at 19.99. Multiplayer services will work in cross game between this full version and its original version. Content is the same, except for a few makeup pieces that can only be opened in a single player campaign. To celebrate the arrival of competitors mode, new features will be added each week until October 1st.

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