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In the middle right select Badolado and drop Eliza Cvedagna

In the middle right select Badolado and drop Eliza Cvedagna

Portomajior. Roberto Patolado Name elected to the post of First Mayor Center right It’s coming up for the next executive election Was elected New First citizen of Portugal.

In the presence of the Italian brothers, the three provincial coordinators, Forza Italia and Lega, Patolado was officially presented on the evening of Tuesday, August 3, without any turning point compared to the sequence of recent days he had arrived. A significant split within the league universe And Pochiyadura ”by Elisa Cvedagna.

So he started Morro Malakudi Of FDI: “We maintain the core expectation of our constituency population in all municipalities called to vote on October 3rd and 4th. Alliance unit. With Failure From
Five star revolution I firmly believe even those feelingsPolitical opposition They have proven themselves Symbol of contradiction Voted In Arm chair protection Ineligible Captured, finally finished “.

“Voters – Georgia Maloney’s party’s provincial coordinator added – are returning today to select parties, especially those who did Consistency is an important value. We stay Open to any contribution, Civic, what do you want Share our ideas and plans, Starting with a candidate with strong management experience like Roberto who can lead someone Experienced and enthusiastic team“.

“Now in most of our provinces – the League’s provincial nominee Pergamini and already the candidate for mayor in Vicarano – They are crumbling Everything Forts From Left, A The old red administrations are blowing the wind of change, Was given to the appropriate hereditary for many years. Voters today have one Definite choice, In summary of the center-right alliance “.

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To be continued Matteo Fornasini Underlining the current center-left divide in several lists of FI, he declared: “It is clear that the only reliable alternative to the city government Representation Our alliance, Any alternative lists will only help the left “.

Results for mayoral candidate Potolado: “The times are not generous because we have to prepare all the necessary arrangements for the presentation of the candidates by September 3rd. The project we want to write with citizens, Listening to their suggestions and accepting their requests. This is what we are for Open to any useful contribution I get it for everyone. “

The Street As for the mayoral candidate, it promises to be immediate Upwards e, After the case of Elisa Kvedakna, To confirm this feeling Alex Barricordy, A representative of the Portuguese citizens’ list, with his statements, cuts off the legs of the center’s right name, even before the election campaign begins. Of Potolado A Forced presentation without even trying for serious conversation“.

And he is taking her with him to support his intervention. “Some objective elements need to be evaluated“As” TheObvious weakness Of Who is the candidate, With mathematical certainty, Will come last As already happened in the 2006, 2011 and 2016 elections ″ and “la The apparent inability of the parties to converse with the territory And the absence of key local speakers, in particular Representatives of the League and the entire civil-Catholic world“It makes Patolado”A general without soldiers“.

“His candidacy – the barcord closes – represents one The now irreparable rift with Fortune voters, Expects something in return Strong proposal, Clear and a real alternative to the left. There are Be sure to create this alternative Seriously, all-inclusive, an L.A.Arca election platform representing all free and strong souls in the center-rightAnd the civil-Catholic world. Big news will come in a very short time“.

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