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Survival game Wolheim causes a stir on Steam for early access release

Survival game Wolheim causes a stir on Steam for early access release

We have to admit that we do not see a single game rate under construction every day 96% positive feedback From users. This peak is marked by the difference between these positive comments and immediate business success 130,000 players simultaneously, Created by Swedish studio Iron Gate and published by Coffee Stein Publishing is the first game puzzle. Inspired by Norse mythology, it takes place in a practically created world, Walheim Based on a cooperative PvE experience that can accommodate a maximum of 10 players on dedicated servers, however the developers recommend undertaking an adventure with a team of 3 to 5 Vikings.

One of the main objectives of this initial approach, which will last at least a year, is to further define the number of the best players in a game, not forgetting to include biomes, enemies, bosses, weapons, cooking and other items, knowing that the first road map has been published Here Draw the key lines for 2021. “In terms of features, the game is 75% complete and in terms of content it is 50% complete“, We are briefly told.

On paper, this project is common to other topics in the genre, focusing on reaping the resources to build apartments and gearing up to deal with dungeons. Once properly fitted, players can respond to the call of the sea on a ship they have built themselves. Knowing that we know the danger of crossing the road of primitive monsters from Nordic myths, this game tells a demanding war system based on the system of dodging and Paris. After one week of initial access, players will be able to experience the richness of existing content, the sense of collaboration, the structure of the structure, the ability of a wide variety of animals or the ability development system (fame, mine, swimming, barking, rage, running …) and each of these. Should progress in the area as well.

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Walheim is a special experience. Building your home and camp gives you a sense of calm and serenity, as opposed to this vast world around you, full of wild and bloodthirsty monsters. We can’t wait to hear what players think about Wolheim, how much this early access trip will bring to the game.“Albert Saffrom, CEO of Coffee Stein Publishing, commented last week to celebrate the start of the game. This label is not its first success. Goat Simulator, Deep Rock Galactic And Satisfactory. According to Studio Iron Gate, it introduces itself with this title, but is made up of players who have worked on topics such as its team. Magic2 Or Titan Quest.