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Surprised by the carabiner forests

The Chinese transporter condemned and confiscated the van with 300 kilograms of waste

Carabinieri-Florence Provincial Order

. From a white van, into separate bins for urban waste, black bags containing textile waste, derived from the production of health masks, are considered special waste produced by commercial activities.

When the transport material was inspected, there were 14 black bags inside the vehicle, which contained waste, each weighing about twenty kilograms.

Considering the behavior that led to the removal and final disposal of the waste, the Forestry Carabinieri checked the presence of the required authorizations and confirmed that the vehicle was not authorized to carry the special waste.

The conduct conducted by this subject was structured as unauthorized waste management, which was permitted under the TUA (Integrated Environmental Act).

The vehicle and debris were confiscated and the Florence Attorney General’s Office was notified of the illegal handling of traffic hazardous waste.

10/02/2021 12.42

Carabinieri-Florence Provincial Order

Photo from the news release

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