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Surprise: The black hole is hiding on the side of the neighborhood

Surprise: The black hole is hiding on the side of the neighborhood

So far, it is no closer or smaller: astronomers have discovered a tiny black hole in our immediate cosmic environment. Due to its small impact on its surroundings, the celestial phenomenon was well obscured and surprised researchers.

A small black hole in the cosmic environment

In theory, there has long been speculation about when massive stars could become stellar black holes. An object of interest speculation and measurement experiments is the required mass, which ensures a sufficiently sharp slope at the focal point. In this regard, astronomers have now discovered at least one new record: the smallest known black hole in the Milky Way. Another record: So far, no such phenomenon has been found close to the solar system.

How Synex In his report, a team led by astronomer Tarindu Jayasinghe made an extraordinary discovery while observing a large red giant 1500 light-years from Earth. The giant star, named V723Mon, has long been known to the scientific community for its occasional fluctuations in luminosity. However, so far, all attempts to explain it have failed because they were inconsistent with the observational data.

To make this clear, Jayasinghe and his team were loud Middle Now data sets from different telescopes, spectrographs and studies are combined into one large data set. “However, we have not found any evidence for a light-emitting asterisk, and we can rule out a main-sequence star or a pair of stars as a sub-object,” the research team said. Instead, it should be a small but dark object, cites Synex researchers. “When we looked at the data, this black hole really caught our eye,” Jayasinghe said.

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Very, very easy

In contrast to other similar discoveries, the black hole of the V723 Mon has already been confirmed by independent measurements. Researchers are taking advantage of the fact that the black hole is distorting the star by wave forces. The type and magnitude of this fracture indicates the mass of the black hole to researchers: “Of the 2.93 solar masses, it is one of the smallest black holes ever seen.”

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