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Jack when doing something for the environment – Home page

As part of the campaign “Join! To a clean Kircheim “a plugging application where all citizens can contribute to a cleaner city and do something for the environment. Blogging – a combination of the Swedish word “polo”, combines picking or picking and jogging – with environmental protection: instead of going for a walk, jogging, dog walking or hiking, people collect garbage along the path. To promote and promote blogging, the Kircheim city administration introduced the “Weblog” application, which was converted to Kircheim. The principle behind the app: You can “track” your own plugging run just like the well known game apps. This means other users can see which routes have been cleaned up or urgently need to be cleared again. If you do not want to dispose of the collected garbage at home, you can leave it in the plugging paths registered in a municipal trash can and pick it up. To do this, the assistants send a message through the app to the construction company providing the location of the garbage bags. Employees at the municipal construction depot will then add the trash bag to their tour plan and pick it up immediately and dispose of it properly. The app is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded using the keyword “WePlog”. It pays off quickly: the first 50 people who use the app to download the app and share an image when they log in receive a “startup package” containing trash cans and trash bags, which can be picked up at a construction company. Pm / Photo: pr

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