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Covid : vos remèdes de grand-mère pour mieux vivre les symptômes

Treat your grandmother’s symptoms better

We have been living with the Covid-19 virus on a daily basis for two and a half years. However, there is currently no medical treatment to relieve its symptoms.

Depending on the symptoms, doctors will advise rest, paracetamol if necessary, the all-time famous “it will pass” … Patience is not a virtue for all of us, we have collected tips from those contracted. Looked for solutions to reduce the virus and symptoms.

Against loss of smell and taste:

  • Alice : “I had a long covid and lost my sense of smell and taste for six months. To find them, I trained my brain with every food I ate. For example, I would take an orange, smell it, taste it and say its name out loud. If I didn’t smell it , my brain still smells it, so eventually recognizes the fruit through practice. »
  • Gauthier : “To regain my sense of smell, I know that I have to gradually distinguish between strong smells – spices or essential oils – their odors. »

Against Fatigue:

  • Julian : “I tried a juice extractor to get as much vitamins as possible. »
  • Lover : “A crock before bed — hot water, lemon, honey and rum (in moderation, editor’s note) and a little cinnamon if you like — and it’s good the next morning! »

Against fever and body ache:

  • Valentine: “I drank cold mint verbena herbal tea to hydrate my body. »
  • Jennifer : “Boil thyme, orange peel, cherry heart, ginger, lemongrass stick and cannabis leaves (without medicinal properties and its THC is less than 0.3%…obviously, editor’s note). Add honey and drink hot. »
  • Leah : “I drank a few drops of L52 diluted in water every day and took magnesium, iron and vitamins to pump! »
  • Sara : “During the day, I take a walk to get some fresh air and get physically tired. It allowed me to sleep better. »
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Against Migraine:

  • Miriam: “To manage my migraines, I massaged my temples with a blend of essential oils of real lavender, peppermint and wintergreen. It did me a lot of good. »
  • Catherine: “Tiger balm applied to the temples works for me! »

attention : These tips do not replace the advice of your doctor, who should be contacted at the first signs, even at the slightest symptoms. Be safe!