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First details about the shooter from Remidi

First details about the shooter from Remidi

Next Alan Wake2 He is developing a new shooter called Remedy Vanguard, The first details of which are now available. To this end, a Chinese investor in association with Tencent promotes global publishing.

The contract states that Vanguard Remedy’s first games-as-a-service game, released as Free-2-Play. To do this, you rely on Remedy’s storytelling expertise to create a high-speed multiplayer universe.

“Remedy’s original IP will be a free, collaborative PvE shooter that combines Remedy’s descriptive capability and action game into a high-speed multiplayer experience.”

Development of Vanguard It is currently in the proof-of-concept phase and has a generic AAA budget, funded by Tencent. In addition, Tencent will localize the game to select Asian markets and take the associated localization costs.

“Vanguard marks Remedy’s first entry into the Games-as-a-Service business model, implemented by our world-class team of free-to-play professionals,” said Tero Virtola, CEO of Remedy Entertainment. “With Remedy’s strength, we are developing something new and exciting for the co – op multiplayer space. Can conduct its business in markets.

When Vanguard Appearance is not yet confirmed.

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