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Super Meat Boy Forever - Switch - ntower

Super Meat Boy Forever – Switch – ntower

In 2010, Development Studio Team Mead released a game around developers Edmund Macmillan and Tommy Refness, which included Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, Fallout: New Vegas, Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Pokமொmon with Pokmon. Appearing this year seems meaningless at first glance. This is an operating system called “Super Meat Boy” which seems very simple at first glance until you play it yourself for the first time. Because at first it seems like a simple jump & run is one of the toughest and most ruthless topics that has appeared in a long time. I first played Super Meat Boy at a friend’s house on Xbox, and in the demo we were already biting teeth. Years later I got the full version on the computer, almost no lie, and threw my controller against the screen. But beyond all that, I didn’t want to stop, and I got motivated. The bill ended, and the success of Super Meat Boy led Macmillan to tackle less successful titles such as The Binding of Isaac. Now, ten years later, Super Meat Boy forever finds a way to a successor Nintendo Switch, which does some things differently, but not somehow.

As always, the following applies: Act accurately and in seconds, otherwise there is a risk of virtual death.

© Group Meat

The funny thing is, I initially thought that the most drastic and drastic change Super Meat Boy would ever bring was the result of a false Joycon: no matter how many times I moved my analog stick left or right, Meat Boy did not want to return. This mess lasted for ten seconds before I could remember: the developers changed the game and turned Super Meat Boy into an autorun forever, which was successfully suppressed in the past because I thought it was not 100% controlling my character and absolutely did not want friendship. So expectation suddenly sank from one moment to the next, because if I loved one thing about the past, it was the feeling that I was responsible for success or failure in every moment. Now I am suddenly robbed of the freedom to move back and forth at any moment, the only way to change the direction of Meat Boy’s movement is to jump against a wall and from there or at certain points where our hero simply stands, and then in the opposite direction. Success. Well, it’s fun.

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But enough for my expectations, how does the title really work? Just as my ex was reluctant to read these lines for myself: Super Meat Boy is a terrific platform that demands everything from you forever, in which you are solely responsible for success or failure – in the form of an autorunners. Eventually, the Meat Boy runs independently from left to right and you can jump, tap, slide anywhere on the floor or jump off walls. It is very simple and demands anything at first, but Super Meat Boy is not forever inferior in difficulty than its predecessors: the bases must be defeated, the enemies are standing in your way, some of which are now in a form of attack, piles of broken glass you want to deal with quickly before cutting into pieces The air currents coming from the fans should be used wisely to reach the end of the level. This is only a small selection of obstacles that will blow the game in your way. Autorun’s theatrical element complicates the whole thing a lot, so every movement must be precisely coordinated and planned, because stopping and turning is simply not possible: failures often signify some screen death.

Each of the employer opponents requires their own approach, thus providing an additional challenge.

© Group Meat

Fortunately, Super Meat Boy has always been true to its predecessor in this regard, and after your death you can start within seconds at one of the various checkpoints, all of which are highly distributed. If you have successfully completed one of the long stages that are not correct, a nice little feature follows, which players should already be aware of: You will be shown again and again how successful you are. However, instead of presenting your successful endeavor to you, a Meat Boy clone splits up at each stage once you die and attaches its life to it. In that sense, the game shows your old mistakes and how you came out of them successfully – the most satisfying thing. You do not always fail, but the feeling that you are constantly challenged and still have a sense of achievement, sometimes Super Meat Boy is forever tuned to change levels and, according to the developer, to suit your abilities. In my own experience, the developers were successful in this endeavor because I did not have a level that I could not manage even after complete failures – sometimes I saw enough rehearsal and was able to come out successful. This type of level generation should bring together 7200 different level works – of course I could not verify that it is true, but if I had not read it, it would not have occurred to me that the worlds would have been roughly fragmented together. That added challenge is ultimately presented by the final bosses, each of whom requires their own strategy – you have to jump at the right time to press one of the four buttons or accurately block enemy attacks, and then with the help of a fan make a big attack.

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In the end, no matter how well-designed an operating system is, if the controller does not respond to small input in a timely manner, it will spoil a lot of fun. But even here, the developers did their homework: Meat Boy reacts quickly and directly to all entries, so there are no problems with my test run. There were no technical glitches in the performance and the game ran smoothly throughout, which is to be expected from a simple 2D graphics view. Musically, though, Super Meat Boy didn’t excite me much forever. The game comes with a different soundtrack, but sometimes the individual tracks don’t always seem appropriate – for example, in the first world, a kind of country mix is ​​played, which confused me more than it helped me to see what was going on in the game. Concentrate. The forerunner clearly advanced with its simple but always driving music, which was only achieved in places where Super Meat Boy was forever.