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The demo comes tonight + info about the game

The demo comes tonight + info about the game

During the Monster Hunter digital event announced earlier this week, Capcom released a new Monster Hunter Rice trailer and aired on Thursday, January 7 at 3 p.m.

Monster Hunter Digital Event – Janvier 202107/01/2021

This new trailer allows you to find the best soundtrack of the game and discover new game scenes in which we will find some of the creatures we have to face in the game: Gos Harak, Logombi, Keshu, Grand Baki. The trailer shows that we can … can ride the Vivars.

The game’s release date is still set for March 26, 2021, allowing the digital event to discover new contexts and new monsters, and revealing access conditions for the Monster Hunter Rise demo for a limited time. , Friday from 9am …

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Ice archipelago: Topography, native flora and fauna

A new excerpt released in the video Ice Age: This former cave of gigantic dragons contains very different beasts … including some terrifying monsters like one of MHR’s new monsters, Kose Harak. This creature spits out the breath of ice blades.

As for Parioth, his fists and sharp points go exactly with his scales, which allow him to move on the ice.

Finally, Keshu is a flying creature that loves dark places. It produces electricity and has an extensible neck!

The Greater Baki, a vibrant weaver, has blue skin and a long snout on the surface of its skull. We told you about its sophorific gas that makes its prey sleepy.

Logombi is a kind of giant rabbit … with mangoes! He slides on his stomach, which allows him to move very quickly: watch out for him!

Dykrex, a flying wire, with its claws and sharp jaw hurts a lot!

In other regions, Leviathan Mitsuon is a pretty good creature that secretes a special fluid that slows down the progression of your character.

Magnamalo is a very attractive creature in this new opossum: its skin is as hard as a shell and it produces a purple flammable gas, which is especially useful.

Wyvern Ride

After a certain amount of time in the game, Philoptera will allow you to use a new feature in the game: Weaver Ride. This ability to control these creatures will even allow them to attack others.

Your life in the village

The event set aside a few minutes for some of the characters in the game: Fugan, the village sage, is a trusted man, a long sword expert, respected by the villagers.

Hinova and Minoto will be the twins with the golden voice sharing rural and grand-camp quests with you. Minoto even started painting, we learn in the video.

Meanwhile, Yomoki takes care of the village tea room. Dean of Hojo Village: Guild Master, who manages all searches, their publication. Utsuhi, master, chief of the hunters in the village. Ayori, Bilboil Scout: Generously, he loves returning animals. Kokarashi Chef Felin. Rond comes by boat to trade with the merchant and the villagers.

The village has everything that allows you to improve your skills: a training center will allow you to improve your weapons.

We continue with information about the game: it will be released on March 26, 2021 in a standard version and a deluxe version with additional makeup DLC. In addition, three new amoebos will be sold.

Let’s talk about the Monster Hunter Rice demo

Yes, there is a demo with 4 quests to find: a ride with a dedicated tutorial on a beginner search, an intermediate search, a basic tutorial and of course Wirvens discovery!

Yasunori Ichinos, the sports director, presents the content of a demo that can be downloaded at Eishap from midnight tonight! Quests can be played alone, but in local and online multiplayer, one of the best strengths of the game.

The demo will allow you to find 14 types of souls in the game and find the area of ​​the forgotten temple. The configuration of this site is ideal for detecting the manipulation of philopter … and understanding how to use and abuse native animals.

In the initial search, you will encounter the big ischi, while in the intermediate search Mitsuchun will be waiting for you. A Chumsky or Polyco may come with you in your search on the demo, the demo allows you to see the important help that brings you on an adventure, only in terms of distance!

Basic training will allow you to handle the best novelty of this Opus game: Philoptera, which is also useful for taking control of monsters for a certain period of time. To do this, the video tells us that it is necessary to weaken the creature enough to control it, or to use the fight between plants and animals and monsters to its advantage.

These two features are additionally subject to new videos from Capcom:

Monster Hunter Rice – Introduction Philopter07/01/2021

Monster Hunter – Introduction Wyvern Ride07/01/2021

Monster Hunter Rise: Wyvern Ride Trailer!07/01/2021

The demo is only available for a few days: this Friday January 8th from 9am to February 1st at 9am. In Eshop, from Friday morning, find its contents and try your hand at monster hunting and don’t miss it!

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Capcom offers us an appointment soon for more information on Monster Hunter Rice!

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