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Kraken Academy!!

Cragan Academy !! Nintendo brings a slightly different school to the switch in February – ntower

Welcome to Cragan Academy.

Cragan Academy is no ordinary school. There are ghosts in the art group, culturalists meet in the climbing frame, and then there are the kids who eat crocodiles.

Accompany a magical octopus, expose the traitor, become an evil brain … anyone in this school can be. Each time the casting brings you closer to the recovery of Cragan Academy.

Explore and explore

Saving the world is definitely an important goal, but there are many activities waiting for you. As you explore every corner of the school grounds, discover the daily lives of teachers and students over the course of these three days. Attend a costume party, work as a detective and help the school guard hunt down a criminal syndicate.

Joins AG

There are four groups at Cragan Academy: music, art, sports and drama.

  • Join an alternative band and become part of the school’s craziest rock band.
  • Let your creativity run free in the art group and present your works at the exhibition.
  • Win the challenges and become the final player of the sports club.
  • The theater group may be full of snooty bombs, but you can’t have it all! Who knows, you might even become the star of the next fancy show.

Fortunately, you can all join! Use your magic talisman to join a different group in the ring each time.

Mix with people and make new friends

Cragan Academy is the melting pot of different human beings. Already in the band you will meet the handsome guy and lead singer Vladimir, who is trying to keep his rabid fan girls in the bay; Simona, the bad-tempered fascist, always appears in her giraffe hood and hates everyone (including you); And the Broccoli Girl, the drummer, he can’t deal with his ex.

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Let’s go! Take off your school uniform and your magical time travel bracelet – and ignore the voice in your head that this is a very bad idea!