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Super Mario Party Welcomes True Online Mode - News

Super Mario Party Welcomes True Online Mode – News

Until now, the online section was limited to five mini-games, roughly selected for a small competition called Mario. Therefore, on the condition that Nintendo must have subscribers, it will be sufficient to use the automatically downloaded 1.1.0 update to open the game online in “Mario Party”, “Mario Party in Duos” and “Free Play” modes. Change the online service. In doing so, the game offers two ways to play online, let alone a friendly competition system, where you can compete against your friends and restricted competition, where you can play with anyone using words of the past. Two configurations are possible, 1 or 2 players per console. In other words, if both players want to play each on their own switch, they cannot play with two other players on another console.

Nintendo states that 20 characters and all cards are usable during the online game, regardless of the current development of the game. Only 10 of the 80 available mini-games are applicable for reasons of delay and Time preponderant, viz Codens tabs, Disco Sync, Fruit curves, Fast suggestions, Tape, Tape, Toby Dow, Wave of supporters, Regular washing, Horse rhythm, Rhythm priority And Cheerleaders can. Finally, game data is not saved when playing online. But at a time when it is difficult to reunite with family or friends, there is no doubt that this online game mode will find an echo among lovers. Party games.

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