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A fan recreates an unforgettable first office

Being deities Collectors That may be a thing Wonderful, But it may be a real one Condemnation When there is no place to make various deposits Collector Purchased.

He knows it well Fabrice Holly, A French collector Of articles Nintendo. Man has accumulated many things inherent in the world Big n He was almost No stock Place available at his home. The purpose was simply Expand a part of the house Instead he had a brilliant idea.

Sacred, Has already created one Excellent set Games and collectors Nintendo, He decided to dedicate himself Playing cards Of the company, around it First receipts When it is installed (I recommend you restore in this regard The Nintendo story in 3 parts, Written specifically for you). Keep all these items Unheard value, The collector thought Build a Actual deposit It obviously had the look Nintendo’s first studio.

The beauty of being a Nintendo collector

He explained in an interview, Man, in the beginning, had only a few Photo Can from that Take note, As the original building was demolished 2004 In favor of building a parking lot. The result is satisfactory and truly indicates where it started Big n.

The interior is framed with taste and originality to give a Japanese touch that will never be seen in a place like this.

Nintendo - Collectors

This is definitely a unique idea Nintendo contact Collector, Although there is no news yet about this.

The last episode of the series Collector’s Quest Shows both On the outer facade BothWarehouse interior, You can find the largest set Nintendo playing cards of Sacred, I Regular furniture And above all Reproduction of Popular license plates The first is outside the original building Kyoto house.

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The video is obviously in French, but you can play English subtitles if it is easy to understand.