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PICROSS S6 - Switch - ntower

PICROSS S6 – Switch – ntower

With more than eight branches for the Nintendo 3DS and now six branches for the Nintendo Switch, the PICROSS series coming out on Thursday no longer needs a detailed introduction. With an average of one to two new releases per year, the studio regularly offers puzzle food to puzzle fans, and this will not stop in the future. The latest series for the hybrid console recently appeared with the PICROSS S6 and, as expected, comes with a new one.

Sub roulette is always a reliable starting aid.

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As always, if you already know the game policy, you can skip the introduction. If you are already a fan of Picros, you can stop studying and consider whether or not you like it instead. With modern branches, this should be a crucial question for the series players. So if you are satisfied with any significant changes, feel free to approach it.

So let’s look at the basics. Basically, Picross is about verified fields of variable magnitudes. Numbers are entered on the left side of each row and above each column of the field, which can be read from left to right and from top to bottom. These numbers indicate how many boxes need to be filled in a row or column. If multiple numbers are specified in a row or column, this indicates at least one square distance between the square chains to be filled. It is assumed that a picros will be resolved once you have filled in the appropriate boxes, thus creating a central theme.

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Of course, this is easier said than done. Successfully solving the Picras puzzle requires strategy and skill. The approach is reminiscent of sudoku tasks and learns common forms subject to the rules of picros. For example: If you want to fill four boxes in a 5×5 field, you can definitely fill the middle three boxes in the row or column. The fourth box to be filled should be determined by further attachment. However, such “safe” boxes greatly help to improve the puzzle.

What is Clip Picross is bigger and better. Different sizes give it a special flavor.

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Anyone with experience in dealing with normal picros can try other methods. For example, in mega picros, figures can be expanded over multiple rows or columns and lead to reconsideration. You also face modified rules in Color Picros, in which the numbers indicate how many boxes should be filled in which color. The Picros clip also adds a little spice by combining a larger image from several Picros sections. Since the methods all come from previous topics, they should be familiar.

This is where the “problem” lies with the PICROSS S6 – or PICROSS S series as a whole. Without introducing any innovative innovations, Jupiter makes it easy for itself and relies again and again on the basic framework of the PICROSS S created in 2017. For some it may be enough, but after many games on the Nintendo 3DS and now the Nintendo Switch, the lack of innovation is gradually affecting my gaming enjoyment. Small changes such as new background, new music or minor changes to the game surface cannot hide the fact that the game has not evolved quite a bit. In addition, it is a mystery to me why touch screen control is not yet available.

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The continuous continuity of the PICROSS S basic structure does not only mean bad things. After all, Jupiter has perfected its craft for many years, which is why today’s PICROSS topics are always full of extensive tutorials, precise and user-friendly functionality and above all content. Choose any area at the beginning and start immediately without fear of inconvenience. This is confirmed not only by the great puzzles and methods, but also by the many help options. While some may argue that the clean design almost creates the “assembly line of cam” look, it is not very pretty.