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Super Mario Maker support for Wii U ends

He retired after five years

Super Mario Maker Introduced Wee u Relatively close 2015. Old housewife though Big n Very little appreciated, this title gives it an excellent structure “Dual screen” Console can create positions using its touchscreen Button And play on TV. Relative success rather than unfortunate Wee u Then led to the production of a version Nintendo 3DS Finally one “Continuation” Per Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Maker 2.

Nintendo Announced today Unfortunately, it starts New levels will not be available online from March 31, 2021 And, at the same time, the site will be closed Super Mario Maker Bookmark. In addition, begins The game will be completely removed from the Nintendo iShop from January 13, 2021 And it’s not possible to buy it anymore, apparently the opportunity to re – download it is a sure thing for those who have already received it in the past or who will do it before that date.

From March 31, 2021 Unable to upload levels to Super Mario Maker for Wii U. The Super Mario Maker bookmark site will also close on the same day.
The pre-loaded positions will remain the same after the service interruption.
From the product to stop these online services January 13, 2021 Super Mario Maker for Wii U is no longer available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop. You can download the game again after this date.
These changes will have no effect on the Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch.
We would like to thank all the users who have played in Super Mario Maker for Wii U for the last five years.


You have played Super Mario Maker On the old Wee u? Have you used online services for sharing levels?

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